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Everyone needs to read Until My Blindfold Comes Off as a reminder that God is faithful to take all the circumstances of life and use them for our good, His glory, and to bless and inspire others. For the last 18 years I have watched God work in and through author Chris Harvey’s life. His dramatic story, which is griping in the book and even more effective when people have the opportunity to hear him in person, is both motivational and transformational. It will inspire business people and every person to rise above personal limitations and achieve their full potential. Read the book, give it as an inspirational gift to your friends, family, and co-workers, and, for maximum benefit, invite Chris Harvey to speak.

~ Rev. Alan D. Stanford Ph.D.
General Secretary, North American Baptist Fellowship of the Baptist World Alliance

While flying, I read your book and it was AMAZING !! AMAZING !! AMAZING !! I could not put it down... the words were so compelling.... I underlined... and wished I had a highlighter with me. I keep reading excerpts to the woman I was with. I was humbled and inspired and wanted to cry 5o times... and I did just cry my heart out in the ending words. The world should read this book.

~ Most Respectfully, and in Christian Love and Friendship, and Admiration.........
Janet Mancini

I think you did a wonderful job of telling your story. It can't have been easy to write, since I know putting it into words made you relive it to an extent. I especially liked the pacing and the fact that you let others (Charlotte, Craig, Stephanie) give their perspectives as well. You have an important message, and you tell it beautifully.

~ Dana Lemaster

I have been trying to get into reading forever, but never could. But this book...I just couldn't put it down.

~ Jimmy Gallagher

Finding your book compelling, inspirtational and very well done. It is very well written. Here at a time when there is so much to do for Christmas, I am drawn to read it through.

~ Harriet Saft

Just finished the book, wonderful. Particularly like the last few chapters where Christopher describes his struggle with dancing stars and distracting images and his struggles over not ever seeing his wife's face, or those of his children. His courage and faith in fighting self pity and discouragement, is remarkable. Reading this book has had an effect of some kind on me, feel deeply touched by it. Sense God is nudging me in some way. . .

~ Harriet Saft

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United States. Also reached: Great Britain, Peru and Philippines.

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Chris signing the book Chris signing the book
Chris signing the book Chris signing the book
Chris signing the book Chris signing the book
Chris signing the book